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My First Two Postcards in 2020 and First Meetup with Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia in Surabaya

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Hi, everyone!

How are you lately?
Me, finally getting my this year's resolution ticked off. What is it?

Getting my postcards from!
They are beyond amazing!
So, I registered myself in October 2019, sent around 10 postcards in total (I have one postcard still on me hehe), 5 postcards have safely arrived at their respective receivers (2 in the U.S.A, 1 in Russia, 1 in China, and 1 in Germany), and one postcard still in unknown status. Huhuhu.

And in January 2020, I've got one from Penang, Malaysia. Thanks a lot, Nurul! You are so amazing!
From Nurul, Malaysia.
I really like the details. of national costume every South East Asian country here. Getting my very first postcard from Postcrossing is a really great feeling. Hehehehe. Because of Nurul is my first sender in the platform, I sent her a thank postcard for showing me my gratitude over her postcard and the fact she is my very first sender hehehe.

In February 2020, I've got another postcard from Hamburg, Germany. Thanks a lot, Stevan, who's still shocked to write such a long address for me in the postcard hehe.

From Stevan, Germany
and yesterday (08/02/2020), I've joined a meetup for Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia in Surabaya.
We met in AW Surabaya Town Square around 6 pm. Actually, I couldn't come but.... my sister had her date in another mall and she's got permission to date from our parents, that's why I can come yesterday hahaha.

Postcard collection from Hanna, Mbak Anis, Ko Jep, and Mbak Irma

Early squad waits for another member to come

Right : Mas Ilham, Hanna, Mbak Anis
Left : Mbak Irma, Ko Jep

All yesterday squad (Left from front : Mbak Nisa, Hanna, Mbak Ami, Mbak Nythia ;
Right from front : Ko Jep, Mbak Irma, Mbak Apulano) 

Signing/Stamped postcard session 

Thanks a lot, Ko Jeffry Aswin Hartanto, for the pictures and also Mbak Anis N who uploaded it in the Facebook group community.  We did some events here, from answering the question from Ko Jep's QnA on Facebook through the postcard for the giveaway, showing some of my personal collection,  Mbak Anis' Indonesian postcards giveaway (Thanks a lot, Mbak!), Ko Jef's Postcrossing Indonesia and Jokowi-Iriana postcard's giveaway, Mbak Nythia's postcard's giveaway, and signed the meetup postcards and other postcards. I've just found out people have their own stamp so they didn't need to sign anymore. And I ended up signed around 20 postcards that day. Hahahaha. 

I feel the warm welcome joined the community and also gained new insights into Postcrossing. Never thought that we can buy some good stamps in a specific place and made everyone 'kalap'. Hahaha. Also knowing there's a lot of medium for correspondence like pen palling, and there's an event for stamps collector. Their stories of pen palling are so fun and their collection is great to see. 

After the meetup, I took some pictures of some postcards I get. Here we go. 
Chinese New Year 2020's KPI Surabaya Meetup Postcard 

Watercolour Postcard ( first row : limited edition of Kartu Pos Indonesia - Karnaval Indonesia , second row : Jokowi-Iriana by Hana Christianty, third row : Europe watercolour paintings)

Leaves Postcards Collection

Kartu Pos Indonesia's limited edition 

Thanks a lot, everyone!
It's really nice to meet you and see you in the next meetup :)

PS : I'm sorry if I ask a lot of questions. Hehehe 

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