Define Us : A Year of Laugh and Tears

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I was finished my shift in late night after did some data research that day. Someone texted me, suddenly asked me if I was busy or not. Friendly, I replied her. After several texting, she asked me for the first time to go to Lidah campus (by the way, I'd just passed it before went to Citraland). A nice challenge, I thought that time. So, tomorrow's morning, she picked me up at G5 FE (and I forgot to request a permission to my lecturers that day).

At Lidah Campus, I met the first associate dean of Faculty of Education, Pak Jar. I had a very awkward situation, I didn't know what I want to talk. Beside that, Mbak Lala who picked me up, suddenly went to somewhere. After several minutes waiting, I met Mas Budi, Mas Roy, Iva, Mbak Renyta, and Mas Ady. I was still unfamiliar about getting know each other, although close relatives always said getting know someone who is still stranger to me is my specialty, I didn't think so. I found what topic that I can talk about. My background is management science, rarely to deal with education-related major students.

Alhamdulillah, we easily talked to each other during the meeting. My nervousness were gone, and my dizziness to remember my routes in that campus still on (My habit --"). That's nice first meeting made me sure to continue until today.

In December 13, 2013, we established Pusat Studi dan Layanan Penyandang Disabilitas UNESA, the first study and service center for disabled person in Surabaya, together with Volunteer Training. The event was success. After that day, we made several events including Volunteer Training in several occasions, social work, and the biggest event we ever made, International Seminar and Lesson Study in May 2014.

Through this journey, I've been met amazing persons that I ever worked with. Mbak Lala, she's the best if about dealing with people. Mas Ady and Mas Joko are the best partner about communications and logistic. Mas Roy's the best if he throw jokes and logics, Mbak Celin and Mbak Hera are the best partner about administration, Iva's the best when she listened everyone's complaint. Yeah, they're amazing in their unique ways.

I've been met to Mas Agus, Mas Budi, and Mas Eka. Mas Agus liked to listened my late night sharing by phone, Mas Budi always shares his best moments into Facebook, keeps me inspired, and Mas Eka supported me after he ate my pastries.

I've been met to Hideo-sensei, an emeritus professor of University of Tsukuba in International Seminar and Lesson Study. His persistence and discipline inspired me to be a true Guru in our life. His passion in special education, photography and studying made me realize about we need to learn very hard. Because of him, I took some risks about my future like getting my second undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences.

After laugh and tears in this one year, I'm so thankful getting know each other in PSLPD UNESA. It's been a nice and fine journey that I made this year. We can rely our feelings each other, made me feel relieved if I get trouble, I can talk to one of them.

I'm usually difficult to express my feeling. That's way, my note can represents my feeling. I want to know more about everyone in PSLPD. Please, treat me kindly and criticized me if I do any wrongdoings. It's always unforgettable experiences for me.


NB: We need to take selfies again. :)

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