Learning Collaboration in Qiscus' Techtalks #102

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All participants and the speakers in front of DILo Surabaya. Pictures by Qiscus
All participants and the speaker in front of DiLo Surabaya. Photo by Qiscus

Re-blogging my writing from LinkedIn Pulse.

Finally, exam weeks' end. There were lot things happened in last couple months. One of them, let I tell you about my very first start-up talk about SDK (Software development kit) in live-chat called Qiscus.

Me as a person who manages animation start-up from management and communication side, it's been fascinating and challenging for me to follow the discussion because of a lot of technical terms, thankfully, my first encounter with Qiscus when their COO and co-founder, Muhammad Md Rahim, connected with me on LinkedIn and we discussed the SDK. Since then, I've been reading a lot about Qiscus and SDK in particular. Two weeks later, Qiscus held their TechTalk #102: Insider Secrets on The Power of Chat held in DILo Surabaya, December 16th, 2017. Following my curiosity gut even though I was in the middle of exam weeks, I decided to come and enjoy the tech talk.

There were two speakers in the tech talk, Achmad Zulkarnain, manager of PENS Sky Venture, and also Delta Purna Widyangga, CEO, also co-founder of Qiscus Pte Ltd.

Do you ever want something from the marketplace and immediately to talk to the seller? What's kind communication platform do you choose? Email? Chat?

Qiscus serves live-chat SDK for start-ups and corporations in various industrial fields such as a marketplace. Fast responds communication has been proved as one of successful key indicator performance(s) for business. Qiscus saw the gap of need in communication and the process of building communication system which takes long-process, while the main business still needs more attention. That's why we choose to chat the seller for fast responds communication especially you feel urgent to have the product.

The tech talk had highlighted the main lesson, if you're already done preparing your main business, try to collaborate with others for progressing fast and expand your business. Sometimes, you've just needed to focus only on your main business because of the market's unpredictable. By collaborating, you save your energy to do other things in your business and also time. Especially, taking care in the technical process especially in a communication system, there's long and complicated process to do, so the reasonable decision to let others take care your IT needs, it's a must for providing faster services by your business.

Thanks a lot for the invitation, Qiscus. The tech talk was definitely great learning source. Can't wait if there are any tech talks in the town. 

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