Finally, getting my new logo!

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Hi, everyone!

Chara by Chera and Wulan 
Lately, I've been busy catching up with life, and wonder about my own journey in blogging. Well, comparing with my fellow bloggers, I rarely post something here, only once a month. So, calling myself a blogger seems quite off. Hehehe!

I tried to make myself a logo and blog header last month but the design seems off and it 'less' me. I want something personal that I can use it on a daily basis. Hehehe. 

My own creation logo and blog header made by canva : 

My own creation logo

My blog header

Finally, the logo looks appropriate and didn't use too much bandwidth. However, there's a bad, bad sign. It seems not that real me enough. Hahaha. My own signature has a flower, that's why I have a flower in my signature, but something off again.

Until I met MJ, my Wattpad reader from the Philippines. Thanks to Wattpad, I have some reader-nim (using a bit of Korean and English) that sharing our opinions and also discussion on my girl crush, Moonbyull, Mamamoo, and other things. Her hobby is calligraphy, and her handwriting looks neat and pretty. We chatted with each other every day and one day she's surprised me with something.

Her calligraphy

Her work

I fell in love at first sight of her calligraphy. It looks simple, neat, and also looks complicated like me. Hahaha. I get her permission to have her work in my new logo and blog header, also the next plan is getting my own seal stamp for correspondence through Postcrossing and PostFun purpose. 

So, I made some modifications to MJ's work. The final result is here.

My new logo, calligraphy by MJ

My new blog header, calligraphy by MJ
I'm so happy, having MJ's work in my logo. She's talented and working hard on her calligraphy hobbies. I'm really thankful because of her, I have my new logo for using through my next blog journey. Thanks a lot, MJ. You made it better!

I wish you a better journey in calligraphy too. She made me some of her works, and it looks great. Let's see her improvement then, time by time. 

So, that's my report on my new logo. I wish me a great journey in my blog. I'm anxious these days but try to relax. Getting too much tense is not good sometimes.  

I wish you a healthy and prosperous year in 2020, everyone! 

PS: My current listening 

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