A Secret Self-love for Younger and Glowing Look

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 Getting old is unavoidable. And having self-love is a must. 

After the age of 25, our body changes a lot. The aging process started sooner, thanks to our bad habit of consuming unhealthy food and imbalanced diets and ignoring fulfill our body needs. 

People who want a younger look, take lots of treatments on their facial skin to looks younger and glowing. However, there’s another forgotten part of the body that we ignore to take care of. 

It’s the neck. 

Our neck has been worked really hard on assisting our body from supporting our weight of the head, protect our nerves that carry sensory and motor information from the brain down to the rest of our bodies, also allow us to move flexibly in all directions. Since the neck has really thin skin, we often forgot to take care of our neck skin. Neck skin has been exposed to the sun (and can't deny gravity) make it to be faster aging than other body parts. Our other bad habit, looking constantly at our phone causes our neck skin is sagging.

Beside using the usual products on our face, we need to have further treatment aside to apply cream and sunscreen in our neck, to avoid the wrinkles and sagging. There are some expensive treatments to avoid wrinkles and sagging in the neck, however, it’s not affordable and available close to us. 

In Asia, it’s rare to see a skincare brand that focuses on body positivity as a form of self-love and also treating neck skin. Bringing the motto Our bodies are beautiful, no matter their size or shape, LOVBOD is a specialized skincare brand from South Korea, offering solutions for women who feel overwhelmed by doing skincare routine in specific areas. Their products offer sensible options for treating the forgotten skin parts like neck skin. 

Let it melt on your neck is one product by LOVBOD which offers a neck mask to avoid wrinkles, hydrating the skin, and make the neck more supple and firm. Korea International Trade Association (KITA) Global Marketing Panel sent me this product for testing in the global market. 

My first impression is the product has a unique selling proposition cause it offers to treat neck skin. The packaging is really vintage and LOVBOD really showcase varies of skin type and different body types in their products. One pack of let it melt on your neck consists of 5 sheets mask. Using this mask really easy, thanks to their specific customer guidelines both written in Korean and English. 

However, for the first timer in skincare, the aroma of the mask is quite strong. I never come across a strong aroma when buying skincare, so it’s quite concerning for me. Since the neck mask is really thin, we need to take the mask from the package slowly to avoid ripe the mask. 

Despite these problems, this mask really helps to moisturize the skin and treat neck skin from dryness. Since I tend to have a double chin, the mask helps me to tighten the sagging in a short time. 

We can buy Let it melt on your neck in their website www.lovbod.com , and another marketplace  www.sephora.kr , www.29cm.com , www.wconcept.com , and www.memebox.com . Unfortunately for offline shopping only in South Korea offline store in Sephora Parnas Mall, and Thingool Store in City Hall and Seongsu. LOVBOD offers global export to another countries as well. 

My suggestion for this product is to fix the strong aroma from the neck mask for reaching greater audiences and also expand marketing channels into a global marketplace like Amazon.com or Shopee. Promoting this product will be great if Lovbod uses some beauty influencer who has a deeper understanding of Korean beauty trends and global beauty needs.

Product name: LOVBOD Melting mask for neck: Let it melt on your neck (anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing)

Price: KRW 4500/mask (according www.lovbod.com)

Rating :  ⭐⭐⭐

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