Yeay! (Finally I'm an Undergraduate Student)

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I'm an Undergraduate Student. After I waited 3 months (I was counting from May). So, I (after thinking so long at that times), I attended my graduation. Bayyin asked me to read a poem with her. It became my come-back after I took rest in 8 years. Mr. Anies Baswedan, the dean of Paramadina University, came and gave us some tips in uni-life. The day is my first day I felt as high-school's student. It's so pure feeling.

And 28 days later, it's my birthday. In same day, it's my 100th days of my grandpa. That's my first time, my grandpa couldn't with us, his children and his grandchildren.

So, August 27th 2012, I'm officially an Undergraduate Student. I was being accepted in State University of Surabaya, take Management as my major. But a week from there, I got my 3rd accident, so I couldn't attend my first day as undergraduate student. But now, I'm okay, feeling okay, grow up well and off course, feel my choice of my passion in Management is a right thing I decided. I'm happy after I walked in many years with sadness and tears.

So, that's my story. I'm so sorry if I told you too fast because I'm in hurry. Thank you for reading, and take care all of you. Love and hug :)

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