Rangkaian Kata by Gita Gutawa

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Gita Gutawa is back. After long-hiatus (from 2011), she went to study in Birmingham University and made some projects like Di Atas Rata-Rata (with her dad, a wellknown composer and producer,Erwin Gutawa), Ayo (C'mon)'s video clip, and also some commercial features. But, her fans waiting period are paid. In December 18th 2013, Gita Gutawa launched her own writing single called 'Rangkaian Kata' in iTunes and the lyric video in YouTube.

The song contained her own experience taken from her friends' stories about guy who always say their girl is number one for him but he's actually womanizer. The song was written very well and give you different feeling about playing compliment for girls. Gita tried to put girls' mind in more mature thinking, it looks in her music composition's more complicated than Gita's previous own writing, Ayo (C'mon). You can feel girls' guilty pleasure about their previous love story in this song.

Otherwise, if you try to compare Gita's previous single, you can't find Gita's high-pitch, her own remarkable singing style and made her won in Cairo,Egypt for a song festival. Gita tried to sing her song in simple but mature way than she did in 'Balada Shalawat' , 'Lelaki Sempurna' , 'Harmoni Cinta', or even 'Selamat Datang Cinta'. And also, her voices balances well with the music composition and for this, London Symphony Orchestra made it feels elegant.

Overall, Gita successed made her long-awaited comeback with this single. This song is a song you can listen to have old memories back. And also, you can sing it along. Please looking forward  for her fourth-coming album in this year and her comeback activities.

Good job,Gita!

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