Once Young, Not Forever

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Several weeks ago, I was being accepted in Communication Science , Airlangga University through a very tight admission test I ever had. The whole news is still surprised for everyone. When I delivered this news, everyone were shocked and I don't until now how to deliver this news.

Yeah, I'll start my freshman year in August 19 which is very close date. I had my applications and everything were done about two weeks ago. So now, I let myself do self-research about my new university, what I learn in new major, how to fit in, and how to balance my previous major, management science with this communication stuff.

I'm twenty years old girl who have a turning point. People seems worried about me, but I can't break down everyone by saying everything worse. Considering I'm easily getting sick and having temper, I admit if I have a whole of bunch twisted problem. A few said I should quit before. And, I don't wanna let myself quit the game I never play.

I have my opportunity being young once, and I know it's not forever. I have just 9 years left to do something I never done before. I choose to study two different fields helps me getting mature, more discipline, and wiser. Someday, I want to find myself enjoying something I loved. Perhaps, something I never know that would be my destiny passion. Now, I'm still looking for the opportunity. Because I have only one opportunity, being young.

Picture source : SM ENTERTAINMENT , SNSD 2013 Calendar

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