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Rizky Hanna Ekaputri (called as Rizky by collegiates, Hanna by her schoolmates, and Kiky by her family and relatives), born in Bandung as first child and daughter. Hanna learned management and communication science in the university while pursuing her own dream to be a writer and circular economic specialist. She has interests in books, traveling, writing, communication, business management, creative industries, Far East’s cultures, and also international experiences.
Hanna’s writing since 10 years old and began her journey in literature after she read poems publicly in her childhood and writing creative contents since her junior high school. She began to take writing seriously after she competed in the article-writing competition and getting noticed after writing for various scientific publications as ‘ghost-writer’ and also using her name. She’s a member of KOMA, journalism club on her campus, after joined journalism clubs in middle and high school. Not only these, but Hanna also made her debut in international paper conferences and publication in Indonesia, Turkey, and the Philippines. Hanna's also started her blogging journey in 2018, after shutdown her Tumblr account in the following year. Her works as a blogger with Bank Indonesia, Paxel Indonesia, Sarana Multi Infrastruktur, and Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology, Republic of Indonesia.  
She’s also building start-ups and volunteering. She started to build her business since elementary school in handmade accessories and ran on a long-time project with her friend named CresentLab Studio, a Surabaya-based creative agency specializing in animation, voice acting, and social media. Hanna started her volunteering journey after she’s joined Disabled’s Study and Service Center in her university, learning basic of Indonesian’s sign-language and raised awareness in Economics’ students for making a suitable environment with disabled persons by providing them disabled-designed infrastructure. She’s joined Kafe Baca Ceria, a platform for the community to enjoy reading while eating. Not only that, but Kafe Baca Ceria also provides opportunities for adults and kids collaborations for their projects.
Hanna’s also chosen as one of the selected applicants in AIESEC LC Surabaya 1516 Volunteer Program, which offers wide opportunities from the international network to personal development. She’s involved in Unity in Diversity’s project as a buddy, assisted Vietnamese student in Indonesia’s vocational school, and Surabaya Muda 1.0 and 2.0, a local youth platform to express their ideas in particular issues such as dreaming bigger and traveling with purposes, in finance-managing. She represented Kafe Baca Ceria as ‘Top 30 Promising Social Enterprises’  in East Java area held by British Council Indonesia and C20 Library and Collaborative. Hanna also one of Top 100 SEMIFINALIST in Telkom Socio Digi Leader, a movement competition in start-up and social enterprise. She had her internship in Angkasa Pura | Airport and Kalyana Indonesia. Hanna also being a student ambassador of finance technology startup named, representing her university.

Her interests on Konmari and also zero-waste lifestyle lead her to know the circular economy, an economic system that allows using refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and root in order preserving the environment and buying local products. After observing the needs of e-waste management, Hanna decided to volunteer in e-wasteRJ, an organization about to campaign e-waste management in Indonesia. 
Her long dreams are traveling around the world, working with passion, and inspiring others.

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