Shower Experience with IONSPA BATH 1000

September 30, 2019

The morning was my nightmare.
I woke up with peevish feeling, didn't want to wake up and do my morning routine. Especially in Monday, facing traffic jam, hot and humid weather, also juggling between work and personal interests with family in the between. Ah, big duh!

There’s an Indonesia children song called ‘Bangun Tidur’ or Wake Up that I usually sing it so I can have a very nice motivation to do my morning routine.

Bangun tidur ku terus mandi,
Tidak lupa menggosok gigi
Habis mandi ku bantu ibu
Membersihkan tempat tidurku

I sing it in my mind several times, like a magic spell.  Having a morning bath after waking up is my another obstacle in the morning. Living in Surabaya, Indonesia, you need to adapt to hot and humid weather also their groundwater. For some new faces in Surabaya, they have some allergic issues to this city’s groundwater. Sometimes they use filtered-water for their bathing needs. One of my dear friends used gallons of mineral water for bathing because she’s suffered water allergy from its groundwater. I also have difficulties that my home groundwater smells really bad that it should be, sometimes will be solved by using a very traditional water-filtering system.  
That’s when KITA GMP program invites influencer, merchandiser, and consumer to get know Korean newest innovative product that would be launched for the international market. A product named IONSPA BATH 1000 attracted me in KITA GMP’s season 2 product preview. Why?

For the very first time in forever, I’ve just known a bath shower that I can bring along while I’m traveling. Available in three trendy colors which are black, emerald, and living coral, IONSPA BATH 1000 has elegant packaging and great also simple design, suit young customer preferences. IONSPA BATH 1000 package includes a portable head shower, a GEL-LITE water filter back up if the old one's broken, and a manual book for installation. I randomly asked my family members and friends about its design, they said it’s really suitable to carry around since the access to clean and filtered groundwater are rare. However, it makes concern for us that IONSPA BATH 1000 doesn't have a customizable pouch since bring IONSPA BATH 1000’s package box seems uncomfortable for traveling purpose.

Using IONSPA Bath 1000 for the first time, at first, my groundwater’s still polluted, but several seconds, it turns out to be clean and didn't smell at all. I really like the idea about 8 stage water filter in the body shower because it reduces smell and also moisturizing the skin. In the first week, I have less reddish skin after bathing. My pores seem smaller than before till Day 7. The water resulted from IONSPA BATH 1000 has moisturized and ionized effect the same with what they promoted. In the second week, I’ve got less dandruff, a plus one for me because I’ve just known that my groundwater is under quality for my skin and hair treatments. My skin looks more glowing than before I used IONSPA BATH 1000 in a month. I can comfortably use the product in the morning and night because I feel so relaxed and calm, enjoying my bath before and after my activities.
However, there are still many things that need to be fixed in this product. IONSPA BATH 1000 has been sell in $ 149 in, it’s still too much expensive than competitor's product especially from China and Germany since Indonesia didn't have a lot shower brands because our bath culture’s quite different. I think it needs to provide portable shower cables if the IONSPA BATH 1000 wants to enter Indonesia since our culture didn't have a shower cable in households except the house’s bathroom design come up with a shower, and also a customizable pouch for traveling purpose to make the price more reasonable.
IONSPA BATH 1000’s promotional website, social media, and manual book need to be translated into Simple English since there’s a lot of technical terms to explain how the benefits of the product. The product explanations in have a better explanation than the company’s promotional tools, making the international consumer feel anxious to find out and learn about the product in the company’s promotional tools before purchasing. Social media and website of the company need to maintain regularly since the consumer will be asking some questions before and after purchasing. It’d be a great help if a company representative for the consumer has good ability to communicate in understandable English since there’s a lot of technical terms in this product. The competitors have a great website and social media presence, available in English, their own language, and also sometimes  in Bahasa Indonesia. The consumer can discuss the product through the company representative both online and also an offline channel for better promotions.
Overall, I really like the design of body shower and also packaging and delivery service to their respective consumer. However, my biggest concerns are how the product will be present in international market since the presence of website, social media, and manual book of the company and product seem hard to learn since in Korean, except the explanation in is great job. The product needs a big impact on be introduced to the public since it would’ve been hard to compete with international brands and the habits of the consumer, especially in Indonesia who don’t use shower regularly. A better brand ambassador and endorser who related to everyday’s life such as Instagram influencer, youtube star, and family idol that known internationally or suit the targeted market and can deliver great promotions will be a better chance to push the company and product image to the international market.

12 komentar:

  1. wah, recommended ini yak.
    boleh dicoba euy

    1. recommended banget bagi yang tinggal di Surabaya dan butuh air yang bersih sehingga ga alergi kulit karena air, Mbak. kuy lah di coba :)

  2. Mbak haan bhs inggrismu mantaplah hahaha

    1. sudah lama aku tak berbahasa Inggris membuatku takut menulis kembali, terimakasih sudah berkunjung kesini

  3. Untungnya browserku aq setting otomatis translet ke Bahasa Indonesia, jadi sedikit ngerti apa yg disampaikan. Di desa saya kayaknya perlu banget Ionspa ini karena airnya gak bening, cuma harganya terlalu menguras kantong

    1. untung ya, mbak... maafkan pakai bahasa Inggris karena permintaan dari programnya yang mensyaratkan artikel berbahasa Inggris.

      Harganya memang kurang kompetitif dan jatuhnya kemahalan karena filternya itu huhuhu sedih kan ya padahal membantu banget untuk menjernihkan air tanpa pasang filter kain

  4. Widiw keren bgt nulis panjang pake bahasa inggris..

    Btw ini bisa jadi solusi ya untuk air pdam yg kadang2 keruh..

    Tapi harus nabung dulu ni..


  5. bisa nih dicoba kalau lagi pengen showeran di rumah, biar showeran nggga cuman pas nginep di hotel mulu hehe

  6. Wajib punya buat yg rumahnya rawan air bersih seperti surabaya Sidoarjo yg kadang2 mbutek i gitu airnya. Tapi...nabung dulu lah ya

  7. wahh perlu banget kita.. Saya pun pengen bangwt tapi ya..

  8. Aku baru tahu ada produk kayak gini.. hehe.. Showernya bisa dibawa kemana2 ya.. jadi kemanapun tetep bisa mandi sehat

  9. Shower kaya gini penting ya, apalagi bisa dibawa ke mana-mana sehingga pas di tempat yg airnya kurang oke, kita enggak terkena dampak buruknya. (widyantiyuliandari)


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